Understanding your needs

Besides general practitioners we also offer other medical and paramedical facilities, such as a physiotherapists, psychologists and pharmacists.

These specialists work together to provide their patients with the best health care. We provide health care to more than 70.000 patients from different centers located in Utrecht.
Research done in the international community has shown that Dutch Healthcare for all its strengths does not always meet the needs and expectations of internationals. In response to these needs H4i Utrecht has developed health care service tailored to the needs of internationals.

H4i Utrecht

Quite often people find the differences between receiving health care in the Netherlands and the care they have received in their home country overwhelming, sometimes even distressing. Language barriers, negotiating through health insurance and the differences within the Dutch Medical system are some of the challenges that Internationals face. Here at H4i Utrecht we hear your concerns and that is why we are taking the time for you. Click for more information.

We are listening

We understand it is difficult to explain your health issues in a different language. That is why we take the extra time to listen. We offer internationals an extended consultation of 20 minutes with the GP to ensure that we fully understand your concerns and expectations.

We are taking the time

We understand that the health care you will experience here may be very different from your home country. That is why we would like to take the time to get to know you and understand your cultural and personal background in an extended intake consultation.
We have studied the differences in world health care systems to better understand your needs and expectations in the Netherlands.